Run with Team Asha

Do you want to start running this summer? Are you a regular runner looking to set a bigger target? Come join the Team Asha community with seasoned trainers, weekly runs, fitness sessions, and a team to keep you motivated 🙂 Set your own running goals and work together with the team to stay on track and stay motivated. This summer we are targeting the Silver Strand races (Nov 12). All this while we also fundraise for Asha San Diego and the projects we support! Read more about the projects at

What’s your resolution this summer ?

Whether it’s improving your pace or running a 5k, 10k or half marathon for the first time, we got you covered.

Start your summer with a Bang!

Try the exhaustive package - the expertise and training for just $20 ($15 for students) !


Register now and attend the Free Info Session and Inaugural run on 10th June, 2023 at 9 AM at Doyle Community Park



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    A new goal!

    This is your chance to give a good start to a habit that creates endorphins and improves fitness! Find like-minded peers and mentors who will eventually become your extended circle!

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    Why Asha?

    Experienced coaches and captains who will be there with you in every step and an organized training plan. The program is completely driven by a bunch of volunteers who are passionate about running and for the cause of Asha for Education.

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    We run so they can read!

    Average amount needed to support a kid for a year in India is $60. Change a few kids’ lives by sparing a small amount of your time. To make this effort worthwhile for the various volunteers putting in their time, we request for a fundraising target based on your running goal.


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    Registrations Open

    The registration are open now.

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    Target Run

    Silver Strand Half Marathon and Veterans Day 5K on November 12, 2023

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    Fundraising Deadline

    Nov 30, 2023

We invite you to the first run which are open to all without a need for enrollment or a commitment to fundraise.

Over the training period, we recommend fundraising the below suggested amount.

Fund Raising Target (for corporates/ non-students) : 5k – 1 person – $250 (Family – $400) | 10k – 1 person – $400 (Family – $600) | Half Marathon – 1 person – $700 (Family – $1000)

Fund Raising Target (for students) : 5k – 1 person – $125 | 10k – $200 | Half Marathon – $350

Fundraising Deadline: Nov 30, 2023

All the money raised through this program gets distributed among 4 NGOs that we work with across India.
Donors like you help us ensure that kids don’t just attend school and they actually learn. We support our project partners in India who have diverse education needs – it could be a supplementary school, school with special needs, vocational training classes or digital education.To give a brief idea of some of our projects:

  • SVYM-VTTRC : Viveka Teacher’s Training and Resource Center
  •  Ashraya is a home for the residential rehabilitation of mentally and physically challenged girl children hailing from economically broken families

To learn more about our projects and locations, please visit

Asha for Education is a 100% transparent and volunteer driven organization. Every single $ you raise are distributed to our projects. All the coaches train athletes for no cost and in fact they fund raise just like any other athlete enrolled in our program. As much as $20 makes a year’s worth of difference to a child.

  1. Start your fundraising early – this helps in reaching out to more people and raise way more than your target.
  2. Most of the profit companies in the Bay Area do company matching. All your donations can be doubled by applying for company match. Learn more about it here.
  3. Every single hour you volunteer for ANY NGO can be used towards your fundraising through ‘volunteer hour grants’.
  4. Another great way to fundraise is to organize a lunch sale at your workplace or in your friends circle. You also get a chance to explain about various projects Asha supports. Read this article to see how a Alumni raised funds.
  5. Lose your inhibitions – you are asking people to donate for a great cause. It’s important to explain why you are training through Team Asha and how proud your donors should be because they are helping every child in leading a better life!
  6. If you are artsy & crafty, this will be an amazing way to show your talent. You can ask people to donate towards your FR for every item you sell.
  7. General donations to Asha for Education by the athlete in the same fiscal year can be accounted towards FR target. (donations to fundraising campaigns such as Work An Hour, Support A Child etc and events will not be considered).
  8. Tips from our Asha alumni.
    Be sure to attend our fundraising clinic to learn more!
This is a very valid concern that every new member of Team Asha has. We will help you with ideas, materials, fundraising clinics etc to help you with your fundraising. During every weekend training, your group captain will help you keep on track. Till date, more than 80% of our runners have raised more than the fundraising targets.
Team Asha mentors and other Asha volunteers will work with you throughout the program and beyond to help you honor your pledge of raising the target amount. Please see this program as a means of supporting and encouraging the underprivileged children and not simply a running-training program. Without your fundraising efforts, it would be difficult for Asha to continue supporting these projects. We urge you to do your best to honor your commitment in helping these children. 
Asha for Education is a 100% volunteer driven organization. Asha-SD has a list of projects we support every year. 100% of your donation goes towards the projects because our operating expenses will be covered by the registration fee you pay. The donations will go to support our projects that were badly affected by COVID and to provide immediate COVID support. If you want to donate to a particular project of your interest, donate here or contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Come and get training from our very experienced coaches who have been associated with Asha for more than 10 years. This program will include a training plan (based on the target run) that will help any new or returning runners to work towards the target runs. This program includes a fundraising component (which is standard across all our training programs). Registered runners will be required to commit towards raising the target amount specified in the “fundraising requirements” section above. These funds will be utilized towards non-profit efforts to educate children in India.
$20 registration fee ($15 for students) covers training & guidance provided by Team Asha.
All training runs will be in one of the parks in San Diego on Saturday mornings/ evenings.
1. A comprehensive training program conducted by either professional coaches or experienced ex-Asha runners and marathoners (the coaching team composition varies by chapter).
2. Schedules for everyday training. This will be a well-paced training program consisting of hard-training days, easy-training days, rest days, suggestions for cross-training, strength training and more.
3. Draw from the experience of coaches and past runners.
4. Network with past marathoners and fellow runners in the local community.
5. Contribute towards improving education for underprivileged kids .
1. Train for about 12 weeks
2. Join the entire group for a weekly long run (over the weekend).
3. Do short runs or cross-training with mentors once or twice a week.
4. Raise funds as mentioned in Fund Raising page.
5. Join in the socials and parties, make merry and enjoy with fellow runners.
There isn’t a minimum fitness level to join the training program. However, as with any exercise program, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before beginning physical training.

Every year we get a lot of runners who are new to endurance sports, especially running. 99% of first-time runners have successfully completed both full and half marathons.

Asha for Education is a non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to bringing socio-economic change in India using primarily the medium of education. To read more about Asha’s charter and projects please visit our website.
Team Asha is a premier endurance sports program that trains people for 5k, 10k and marathons. It is organized and pioneered at the Silcon Valley chapter of Asha for Education and is one of its key avenue for raising funds.
Through this program, we hope to encourage people – both new to the world of endurance running as well as experienced runners – to make a physical and fiscal commitment to help provide a better future for underprivileged children in India.
This is a valid concern that many new members of Team Asha have. We will help you with ideas, materials, fundraising clinics, etc., to help you with your fundraising. To date, over 99% of our runners have successfully met their fundraising target.
Team Asha mentors and other Asha volunteers will work with you throughout the program and beyond to help you honor your pledge of raising the target amount. Please see this program as a means of supporting and encouraging the underpriviliged children and not simply a marathon-training program. Without your fundraising efforts, it would be difficult for Asha to continue supporting these projects. We urge you to do your best to honor your commitment in helping these children.

The funds raised will go towards some selected projects. You will have the opportunity to learn about the projects for which you’ll be helping to raise money.
In recent years, we have succeeded in sending 96% or more of funds raised to projects in India. Asha’s overhead expenses are among the lowest nationwide, thanks to our volunteers, and we have been granted a perfect score of 100 / 100 by independent nonprofit ranking agencies such as Charity Navigator.
The program begins on June 10th, 2023. Please email us at if for some reason you can’t make it to some sessions but are still interested to join the program.
Please send an email to